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Healthy Island Beverages

Taste Matters! At Healthy Island we formulate our beverages so that they not only have functional ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, an raw fruit or vegetables juices, but we also formulate beverages that our kids will love to drink. We have the highest quality standards and know where our ingredients come from. Taste matters and we strive for the best flavors, combined with product potency and healthy ingredients. If it doesn’t taste good, you won’t want to drink it , so we put extra care into ensuring that each of our beverages not only makes you feel great, but that they taste great too!


Bony Acai
Natural Energy Juice

Energize like a Champion with Bony Energy Juice! Bony Acai, born in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, is one of the healthiest Super fruits in the world. Whether you want to power up before a workout or to replenish your body after, Bony Acai Energy Juice can be enjoyed straight from the bottle or blended with your favorite fruit in a smoothie. Packed with natural protein, anti-oxidants, and omega fatty acids.

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Bony Acai
Coconut Water

Your body s thirsty! Get hydrated and stay hydrated with Bony Acai Coconut Water. Refreshing, natural potassium from young coconut water infused with the great taste of Bony Acai will replenish your body, increase your stamina, and restore your power. Recommended for consumption before, during, and after any sweat-provoking activities, Bony Acai Coconut Water will revitalize your body with healthy essential nutrients not found in most leading sports drinks. Drink ice cold for maximum enjoyment.

Price: $33.00 USD

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